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Term & Condition Maple Family v83 | Posted by MaxDicsonCF on 07.29

Please read the MapleFamily Terms & Conditions carefully before using our service. The MapleFamily Staff provides this website, forum, and game subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. By registering an account on our website or forum, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions stated below.

Spoiler: Privacy Policy

We reserve the right at any time to:

  • Change the terms and conditions of this agreement;
  • Change the service, including terminating, eliminating, supplementing, modifying, adding to, or discontinuing any content or data on or feature of the service or the hours that the service is available;
  • Change any fees or charges, if any, related to your use of the service; and
  • Change the equipment, hardware, or software required to use and access the service.

Any changes we make will be effective immediately upon notice, which we may provide by any means including, without limitation posting on the website and forum. Your continued use of the service after such notice will be deemed acceptance of such changes.


  • When temporarily banned, you are free to play on new/other accounts you own. Violating the same rule/different rules while your ban is still in effect might lead to actions being taken against the originally banned account.
  • When account banned, you are still free to make a new account or play on other accounts you still owned.
  • When permanently banned, you are no longer welcome on the MapleFamily server. Other accounts or newly made accounts will be banned for ban evading. This will never expire.

1. Server Abuse

1.1 Illegal Activities - Blatant illegal activities, or attacks occurring on or towards any server used in connection with MapleFamily' services are prohibited. Illegal activities are felonies and/or misdemeanors and can result in incarceration and/or fines. We consider all of you adults with the capacity to make your own decisions, so please use your common sense when using our services. Punishment: Permanent Ban

1.2 Solicitation - Any advertising or soliciting for non-MapleFamily related activity is prohibited. This includes real-life/commercial solicitation (eg. investment opportunities or pyramid schemes) as well as other MapleStory private servers. While you are absolutely free to discuss your memories and experiences of MapleStory, any recruitment or advertisement (direct or indirect, including hyping) of another private server is strictly disallowed. If you are using another platform while being associated with us, such as using [MapleLegends] tag on Twitch to be featured on our website and Discord, the same rule will apply. Punishment: Permanent Ban

1.3 Real World Trading/Unofficial Commerce - Any official or unofficial advertising, promoting, soliciting, or trading of in-game items, mesos, or services (e.g. leeching, boss runs, HS services) for non-MapleFamily currency (e.g. real-world currency, currency from other servers), Donor Cash, and/or other real-world services (excluding art) is strictly prohibited. The sale of art in exchange for mesos is the only exception to this rule, and trades must be done publicly on our forums (but subject to review by MapleFamily staff). The selling of an account is entirely prohibited, for MapleFamily currency or not. Punishment: Permanent Ban

*Any items found to be involved in Real World Trade are subject to be erased and the current owner/possessor investigated and discretionarily banned. These undertakings will be done on a case-by-case basis, with heavy scrutinization on the transfer of ownership and the chain of causation.

1.4 Chargeback Fraud - All chargeback claims are prohibited. When donating to MapleFamily, we assume that you are using your own credit card, Paypal account, or Bitcoin account. The use of another person's property without their permission is considered fraud. If we receive a chargeback claim regarding a payment related to your account, with the reasoning being credit card fraud, your information will be sent to the company and government authorities. Additionally, you understand that you choose to donate not because you expect a reward in return, but rather to show your commitment to helping us re-create a memorable gaming experience. Punishment: Account Ban

2. Game Abuse

2.1 Hacking - All forms of hacking are prohibited. Hacking constitutes to use of third party software to inhibit or restrict another individual from using our services, or to give oneself an abnormal advantage over others. Programs designed to support game controllers (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.) are allowed. Punishment: Permanent Ban

2.2 Packet Editing/Sniffing - All forms of packet editing/sniffing are prohibited. This includes the use of any third party software to monitor or alter our services. Punishment: Permanent Ban

2.3 Unofficial Wz Editing - All forms of unofficial wz editing which give your character an abnormal advantage over others are prohibited. Any graphical edits must not alter the appearance of your character for others. For example, when editing any maps, you must leave the structure of the map the same, so that you do not appear to access areas which a normal player would be unable to access. If you have any specific questions regarding what is or is not allowed, please contact a member of the MapleFamily Staff. If you are using files from another MapleStory private server, please be sure to download the most recent MapleFamily files from our website downloads page. It is your responsibility to make sure that you always use the most up-to-date MapleFamily files. You may also not rip content from our .wz files to use on different servers with no exceptions. Punishment: Permanent Ban

2.4 Duping - All forms of duping are prohibited. Duping constitutes abusing a bug or glitch in the game to abnormally obtain content (e.g. items, mesos) that you would not be able to obtain by normal means. If you accidentally duplicate any items, please contact a member of the MapleFamily Staff immediately (in-game or on the forum), to remove the duplicated items. Punishment: Permanent Ban

2.5 Bug/Glitch Abuse - All forms of bug/glitch abuse are prohibited. If you find a bug or glitch in-game which you believe can be abused or exploited for EXP, mesos, items or in any other way, please report it to a member of the MapleFamily Staff immediately. Depending upon the severity of the abuse, the punishment may be upgraded or downgraded. Punishment: Account Ban

2.6 Ban Evasion - Evading a ban is prohibited. If you have received a ban, there was a good reason for it, and attempting to bypass your punishment will simply lead to even harsher punishment. If you use a throwaway character to commit an abuse, it will be considered Ban Evasion and all of your accounts will be punished. We kindly ask that you serve the duration of your ban, and learn from your past mistakes. 1st Offense: Doubled Length of Punishment; 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

2.7 Account Sharing - Account sharing and giving away accounts is prohibited, with no exceptions. Each account is only owned, played by, and used by 1 person. If two or more accounts (that are owned by not just one player) are found on the same device, it will be considered as additional evidence of account sharing, regardless of intent. Shared IP alone will not equal to account sharing. Note if a player quits and gives away that account (no longer intended to be used by him), that account will be immediately account banned. Any offenses committed by the account will be bound to the account regardless of who owns the account, including Permanent Ban. If an account is found being utilized in any way or form by multiple people, all accounts associated/owned by each person will be punished. If the shared account gets permanently banned, the ban will apply to all account sharers. 1st Offense: 10 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: Account Ban

2.8 Paperweight Botting - The usage of third party software and/or paperweights (objects placed on a key) to continuously hold down a key to gain an abnormal advantage over others is considered paperweight botting and thus prohibited. MapleFamily  Staff members reserve the right to randomly test you if you appear to be paperweighting. 1st Offense: 14 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: Account Ban

2.9 General Botting - All remaining forms of botting are also prohibited. Using any method, including using scripts and macros outside of the game, to automatically control a character and/or create any abnormal advantage over others is considered general botting. MapleFamily Staff members reserve the right to randomly test you if you appear to be botting. 1st Offense: Account Ban; 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban.

2.10 Association with Abusers - Any players involved in any aforementioned abuse will be guilty by association. Association includes, but not limited to, benefitting from, aiding, or promoting the abuse, whether it be via party, trade, or any other methods. If a player knowingly or has reason to believe an item/service is the product of abuse (e.g. hacking, duping, RWT), it will be categorized as benefitting from and/or aiding the abuse. Additionally, obstructing the staff's investigation (e.g. lying or attempting to cover up the wrong-doing) will also be considered aiding and thereby make you guilty by association. If you witness any form of abuse, please contact a member of the MapleFamily Staff (preferably with evidence such as a screenshot/video). Punishment: Equivalent Punishment as Original Abuser

2.11 Boss Freeze Abuse - Any form of abuse that intentionally causes monsters in boss maps to stop using abilities or attacking is forbidden. This includes, but not limited to: positioning a character in a certain area of the map or using the death of a character to purposefully cause the boss or other surrounding mobs to freeze and/or no longer seek to attack an active player. Examples would include: Elder Wraiths in Big Foot maps being frozen; Nibergen not attacking (damage being done by clouds only); or Alishar not using any magic attacks. 1st Offense: 7 day ban; 2nd Offense: Account Ban

*If the abuse is done in a group activity, everyone in that group will automatically be held accountable.

2.12 Major Abuse - If any rule is found to be long term abused/extensively broken by any player(s), additional punishment may be applied. Punishment: Skip of Offense Punishments, an Immediate Account Ban, or an Immediate Permanent Ban

2.13 Spamming - All forms of spamming is not allowed. This includes spamming in the chat, as well as all forms of Megaphones. Spamming buying/selling lines in the Free Market is allowed/an exception. Depending on the severity of the offense, the staff reserves the right to take away your ability to send Messages/Megaphones or increase the punishment if used inappropriately. 1st Offense: Warning/1 Week Smega Ban; 2nd Offense: 3 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: 7 Day Ban

2.14 Abuse of Terms of Service - Attempting to profit from a grey area of the Terms of Service or trying to "game the system" will not be tolerated. If you believe that the Terms of Service has loopholes, please suggest improvements on our forums instead of abusing them. If you need clarifications about the Terms of Service, please contact the Staff Team and ask questions first. If you were found to be abusing a loophole intentionally, you will receive more severe punishment. Punishment: Skip of Offense Punishments, an Immediate Account Ban, or an Immediate Permanent Ban

3. Player Abuse

3.1 Staff Impersonation- The impersonation of MapleFamily staff members by non-staff members is prohibited. This also means that any player not yet recognized by the MapleFamily administrators as a member of the MapleFamily Staff is not allowed to claim that he/she is a member of the MapleFamily Staff. Punishment: Account Ban

3.2.1 General Scamming - Scamming players is not tolerated. This constitutes obtaining an item from a player via a method unintended by the other player. For example, agreeing to trade items for another and then deceiving the player by putting up different items would be deemed scamming. Simply putting up an item in a Hired Merchant will not fall under the jurisdiction of this rule. 1st Offense: 14 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: Account Ban; 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

3.2.2 Roll Scamming - Roll scamming is using the @ Roll command to gamble with another player, where the higher number is deemed the winner and gets "x" amount of mesos or items that were previously agreed upon (this does not apply to PQ rolls, as those will be handled under griefing). These scams fall under a more specific area of scamming and will be treated with more severity. Note that video evidence is required for roll scam reports, or the case will not be reviewed. If found that the banned account (either temporary or account ban) is not the player’s main or only account, associated accounts will be given the same punishment. ALSO NOTE, that gambling of any form is a risk undertaken by the individual. GMs are not liable for any losses incurred due to scamming. Proceed at your own risk, and always keep video evidence of gambling rolls. 1st Offense: 14 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

3.3 Harassment - All forms of harassment will not be tolerated. This includes rude, hateful, abusive, threatening, accusation, or otherwise, objectionable behavior both in-game or on forums. Publicly accusing another player of an offense (such as through SMEGAs), regardless of its legitimacy, will be considered as harassment. Instead, please report it to the GMs with proper evidence, so that we may take appropriate actions. We don’t expect everyone to be best friends with each other, but we simply ask that you respect one another. We have zero-tolerance for comments targeting a player’s race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, or sexuality. 1st Offense: 5 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: 10 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Account Ban

3.4 Griefing - Griefing is a more specific case of harassment, which can be classified as in-game conduct that is intended to disrupt/sabotage another player's gameplay. Examples of griefing include the following but are not limited to: kill stealing from mapowner, looting in another player's map (including Monster Book Cards, which is owned by mapowner), intentionally causing someone's death, filling an FM store with mules so other player's cannot access it, PQ sabotage, and scamming boss drop/cards in PQs or any other group activity.

For griefing claims related to mapowner, they will be settled by using the @mapowner command, which displays who owns the map. For cases of area bosses that do not have killable mobs (eg. JrBalrog), the first one who entered the map will have pseudo-mapowner and has the right to ask other players to CC. This is proven by a screenshot with the @servertime command used. All requirements of being a mapowner are also required to obtain pseudo-mapowner, meaning one must be at least 10 levels below the strongest monster's level in the map and not have been AFK for 5 minutes or longer.

All claims will be reviewed based on presented evidence and whether or not the actions had malicious intent. Depending on the severity of the actions, the punishments may vary, with the possibility of warnings given out for lighter offenses. 1st Offense: 3 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: 7 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Account Ban.

3.5 False Reports - The creation of false reports is prohibited. This occurs when a player attempts to report another player for abuse in a manner that uses deception to get one banned. An example of this would involve the editing or selective positioning of a screenshot to make it look like a player is abusing when he/she is not. False ban appeals are also subject to this clause. 1st Offense: Double of Original Punishment; 2nd Offense: Double of Original Punishment 3rd Offense: Account Ban

3.6 Misuse of @GM and Report Functions - Spamming @GM command multiple times for the same issue, sending unnecessary messages/reports excessively, or any similar actions that hinder staff's ability to handle @GM issues will be considered misuse. Please submit only one ticket per issue per person. We reserve the right to remove your privilege to use @GM command for repeat offenders. 1st Offense: Warning; 2nd Offense: 5 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: 14 Day Ban; 4th Offense: Account Ban

3.7 Sharing Private Information - Sharing another player's personal information without consent is prohibited. Such information includes, but not limited to, full name, home address, workplace, email address, phone number, social media accounts, etc. This term also extends towards any private communications that are player-to-player or player-to-staff. Private forum posts may contain sensitive information, and therefore must not be shared with the public. Depending on the severity of information leaked, the staff reserves the right to impose harsher punishments. 1st Offense: 7 Day ban; 2nd Offense: Account Ban; 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

3.8 Forum Etiquette - While on the MapleFamily forum, please keep in mind the general rules of etiquette. Please do not spam or bump your posts unnecessarily often. This also applies to the shoutbox. Bumping your post once every 24 hours is more than adequate. Please do not reply with completely off-topic, irrelevant or negative remarks towards other players whether it be in your thread or someone else's. Please do not recruit for your own guild in someone else's guild thread. Please do not pretend that you are someone whom you are not. Please only have one forum account for each human. Punishments may vary depending on the severity of the abuse and can fall anywhere from receiving warnings, having your posts deleted, being banned from replying in a thread, or being banned from the shoutbox or forum. 1st Offense: 3 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: 7 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Forum ban

Please note that the MapleFamily Staff has the right to use their discretion to ban you for any reason which they deem is abusive, disruptive, or otherwise has a negative impact on the server.

If you believe that you were unfairly banned, please create a ban appeal by clicking here.

Thank you,
MapleFamily Staff

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